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Barry Plaskow, Ebus and Really Successful

The eBay Underground Sales System, Ebus, was launched in 2003 to help newcomers in the online retail industry find success.

Here is a complete review of Ebus, the eBay Underground Sales System.

Barry Plaskow began searching for a surefire way to find success in the online retail industry in 2003. After talking with leaders and gurus in the industry, he was disappointed to find that their suggestions weren’t a definite road-map. Hence, he explored Guerrilla marketing and interviewed many underground marketing experts to design one himself.

After combining knowledge of eBay’s algorithm, strategies, and plans, he beta tested the eBay Underground Sales System. Much to his delight, he found that it had a success rate of 80% with amazing results in just one month. In one case, an online retailer made $2,500 in a month with a steady increase in growth of 4-6% in the subsequent 3 months. Retailers working closely with Really Successful, Barry’s company, and started to find that they could replicate Barry’s formula to find success.

Really Successful’s aim is to make sure that any new business owner can find true success with the eBay Underground Sales System. This review will help you see whether the system actually lives up to the name.

Summary of Key Features of Ebus:

1.     Beta-tested strategy 

2.     Minimal initial investment

3.     Long-term scale-able growth

4.     Low need for time and effort

5.     Competition elimination

6.     Easy to follow

Review - The Pros of Ebus:

A. Beta-Tested Strategy

Startups usually don't know the way industries function in much detail. They don't have the experience to cope with algorithms, marketing, product upkeep, online store management, and proper plans for sales. They usually learn by making mistakes on the way, but this can impede growth and end up costing them a lot of money too. They also need to put in a lot of time and effort into making the business successful.

Really Successful presents them with eBay Underground Sales System. This tried and tested strategy ensures that they start off the right way and minimizes the risks of costly mistakes. They ensure that business owners have a set plan in place to find success.

B. Marketing Through eBay

Selecting eBay for your online store is a great idea for many reasons. Firstly, unlike many online markets, eBay favors newcomers. They encourage newbie accounts to place more and more products since that is how eBay makes money. eBay does the marketing and advertising for you, ensuring engagement with your products.

If you do want to pay for more advertising, eBay has an amazing system in place. They only take a small share of the sales you make through advertising. This ensures that you don't have to have cash on hand for marketing on eBay.

C. Low Investment and Costs

Speaking of cash on hand, you don't need too much cash to set up a successful business on eBay. Firstly, you don't need an online store on the platform to sell your products. If you do decide to make one, it will only cost you $5 to make the store.

Another thing you can do to keep costs low is to make a deal with your supplier to only receive products upon order confirmations. This ensures that you don't need to make a high initial investment and run the risk of not being able to sell the products.

eBay also doesn’t give a preference to products with the lowest price, unlike Amazon. Hence, you can make sure to keep a competitive price. This can ensure that you can always earn enough to meet your costs and make a profit.

D. Low Need for Time or Effort

If you are juggling two jobs or have a family to take care of, you can’t possibly put in all the time and effort you need to get the startup on track. Really Successful understands the determination you may have to put in the effort, but sometimes it can be hard to make the time. Hence, the company takes over the tasks of monitoring, research, evaluation, and management.

As a new online platform, you have to make sure that you keep proper tabs on the products going out. If any are resulting in cold leads, they need to be removed from the store. As a new business owner, this can be quite a difficult task, which is why Really Successful helps you manage the store.

E. Competition Elimination

One thing Really Successful understands is eliminating competition. The eBay Underground Sales System is designed to keep competition at bay. For example, as a newcomer, you may have the instinct to go through popular or trending products and sell similar ones. However, this can do more harm than good since there is so much competition already.

Really Successful provides you with a huge portfolio of products from underground suppliers. There are over 1 million products you can choose from that aren’t widely sold. You can stand out from the hordes of retailers with such unique products.

Review - The Cons of Ebus:

Trusting Someone Else Can be Hard

Really Successful understands that new business owners often have a drive and determination to take over the business. However, they also need to place some trust in Really Successful. Without trusting them a little, you will not be able to find the success you need to lead a comfortable life.

Final Verdict on Barry Plaskow, Ebus and Really Successful 

The role of the eBay Underground Sales System is to help you find success in the online retail business. Their strategies and policies center on you and your success to help you build a profitable venture. To find real-time success, you can take advantage of their 80% success rate.

You can find more information on Ebus, the eBay Underground Sales System, through the free webinar or the video below. Maybe you could be one of Barry's Really Successful’s official success stories.

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